Born to Love

Brown eyes to brown eyes

Depth even in the first glance

should I ,

clicking to fast,

creating ties

without knowing it was taken, that chance

finance this lust, Bill the regret

lets make it hard for  our hearts to forget

Left reservation for your invitation

having pasted the days of not knowing

I have been growing, evolving beyond no

just to appear to be above the rest

when my soul, body and mind want so masterfully to formulate yes

I guess

it’s all those years

Living behind my fears

No faith in the unknown

then he appeared when nothing seemed worthy of my life

no desire inside arrived at baby; forever; wife

those old wounds, still throb

 scars of a child’s memories

told that the emotion from the womb is enate

for me a dream sold for less then obligation

the foundation of heart not made

I could not, would not repeat

the love to me that felt incomplete

can’t be the generation line of the time

when to many babies are just the conseqence of bad times

in bad lives

not thriving, I was the girl surviviing

now that girl has blossommed and I am a woman now who surivives

even the bible begets it’s regrets that a child will grow into what they know

Within her steel armour, a heartbeat


fighting for a love that forgives

a soildier born warrior, sacrificed at conception

, his seed, her egg, a fertilized understanding

a combined promise to give unconditionally what is inside

keep playing with his love, too many times and that happy lie will die

it is why humanity is still beating

still believing

in the unseen

in the love that seems impossible

the kind that are concieved after heartbreak

has left the heart responsible

for what the mind made conscious to decide

when the feeling at this moment is born.

This option to not be afraid and live in that fear again for another five years of regret no, that’s not how those in the stories beget so many generations

by denying the life changing, heart bravery in allowing the feeling to be explored

the sensations is walking footsteps loud against need, clicking and clacking, stockinged sensuality of my body and mind encourtouring the way love feels when your fearless in jumping

The passion was there and forged the roads ahead tho short with eyes so jaded from the pain lived, and survived

A part of this woman wants that’;s survivor to die

that survivor so brave but only in the reflex of what she can predict

no soul evident, no love vibrant, no body intoxicated by his sweet smell

he makes me want to live again spiritually, in which he awakened in me when I had to believe again, in what is not easy to see.

shaking loose those sad days of not being told enough how much loved there was that resulted in this portion of my eternally ever after

if tomorrow is coming whether I am brave in my faith or a coward to his demon in my fear, then what does it matter if t may hurt a bit if My spirit who is God says like a old friend, with feminie sensativity, get him girl, you deserve the world for never just believing that love is a myth

Let me show you what I can do when you believe in me, call me love if they want to negate all the other ways to address the miracles they see in you, for to be lustful for a man who you wish to hold beyond anything, everything is love unconditionally.

As our eyes met brown to brown

the ice around our hearts melt

my smile seen in the reflection those eye looking down at me and his smile found their in my eyes still smiling

it’;s something about you I can’t deny

before I would have asked why?

today he professes that something just feels right

from the very beginning, you

this woman,  causes me to pause

no need to review loves contract, no matter the clause

I do, I accept, I will,

With you

I feel

something is different here

In tandem our hearts beat rapidly

Could it be?


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